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A high quality manufactured in Cast or Extruded in a range of thickness and colour

A highly flexible plastic which is shatterproof but if not very rigid. Not as clear as acrylic

Diamond Polishing
A mechanical polishing process using Diamond Tip cutters to give a sharp clean polished edge finish Able to make highly transparent or matt finish Up to 100mm thickness

Flame Polishing
A flaming polishing process using flame to heat the edge of the plastic so as to remove unwanted marks

Bending, cutting and manual assembling

Laser Cutting
Ideal for cutting shapes in acrylic material with a thickness up to 30mm Computer generated vector files can be imported for cutting

Laser engraving

CNC engraving

Vacuum forming
Plastic is heated and allowed to form over metal or wood to take its shape

Heat Bending
Bending in a straight line by heating th material until soft so that it can be folded to form the desired angle