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PantoneĀ© PMS Color Chart

Below are some of the most commonly used color for your reference. See also the complete PMS Color Chart.
Please Note: This chart is provided for REFERENCE only, and its' accuracy cannot be guaranteed due to variation in color monitors and the process of converting PMS values to RGB values. If color is critical in your application, we advise that you review your color choices on an actual Pantone Color Management System swatch book.

PMS 185

PMS 186

PMS 194

PMS 199

PMS 485


Rhodamine Red

PMS 212

PMS 223


PMS 151

PMS 165



PMS 109

PMS 116

PMS 137



PMS 343

PMS 347

PMS 348

PMS 368

PMS 375


PMS 280

PMS 285

PMS 286

PMS 293

PMS 298

PMS 300

PMS 306

Reflex Blue

Process Blue

PMS 540



PMS 253

PMS 2592

PMS 266



PMS 422

PMS 429

PMS 444

PMS 446

Cool Gray 7


PMS 4485

PMS 457

PMS 4625

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Comparing Visibility Of Different Color Combinations at a distance

The legibility of lettering at a distance was ranked in the sequence shown below, with #1 the most legible and #14 as the least legible.