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We specialize in making acrylic display products that are superior in quality with affordable and reasonable price. We offer ready-to-sell products that we found to be the most useful and practical to meet the needs of our customers. Our products include point-of-sale display, trophies, literature holders
and photo frames. Check out our products page for detail listing.
We offer a printing service to customize your display with branding blocks.
  Many of our acrylic point-of-sale products can be supplied off-the-shelf and delivered next day. Please kindly browse a small selection of our displays below:  
Acrylic boxes Blocks Bridges Information holder
Jewellery Display showcase Trophies Watch-Display

Don't be frustrated when you cannot find what you want here. In addition to our wide range of product lines , we accept orders for custom-made products to meet your needs. Our in-house design team can design and create the perfect display for your merchandise. Different Sizes? Different Designs? All are fine. Simply submit your creative ideas us, and we can turn your ideas into a physical reality.

Our Services include laser cutting, laser and CNC engraving, screen printing, hot plating, diamond polishing, acrylic and vinyl lettering, and acrylic fabrications. Most of the products will be made by our craftsmen in China factory, but if you need installation or on-site services in HK, our experienced technicians here are our backstage support.

  If you need help in browsing our online catalog, using the shopping cart, or placing an order, you might find it in the Help topic. If you still need help, please send your questions to us at
We hope that our products can display the best side of your products.
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